Artificial flowers are the imitations of natural flowers and are in high demand whether you have to decorate your home or install these faux florals on big occasions. Besides all these factors we want to see them cleaned, if you want to know how to clean these artificial flowers? stay tuned to this blog, it will answer your question with great tips and tricks. Their vibrant colors add elegance to every place where you keep them. Their realistic and decorative charm enhances the beauty and makes the place elegant. You can add these artificial florals wherever you want, but you need to keep their maintenance in mind.

With little care, you can maintain their realistic splendor and prevent them from getting any dust or grime. If you want to know how to clean artificial flowers? stay tuned to this blog as it has amazing tips and tricks to clean fake flowers.

How to Clean Artificial(Fake) Flowers?

Given below are some tips and important points on “How to clean artificial flowers?”

Time to Time Dusting

You can remove the dust from fake flowers through regular dusting. For this purpose, you can either use a small piece of dry or wet cloth to remove excessive dirt. If they have accumulated a layer of grime on them you can also use a hair dryer for this purpose. Vacuum clean can also be an option for large artificial plants but remember to be gentle and clean them with care to avoid any flower damage.

DIY Citrus Solution

  • To make this solution, you need to squeeze two lemons into an empty spray bottle and then add water to it.
  • Shake it well and let them mix. Now your DIY solution is ready to do wonders.
  • Dust off the excessive dirt from flowers with a cloth and then spray this solution on them. See the magic afterward.

Salt Bath

Everyone has salt in their homes. You just need to take the flowers and put them in a jar filled with salt. Close the lid tightly and gently shake the jar. It will remove all the dirt from flowers.

Soap Cleaning

  • Take a container and fill it with water, add a little amount of soap to it, and let it dissolve in it to make leather.
  • Take the flowers and dip them in this container, remember not to scrub them off you can use a small brush with soft bristles to wash the edges.
  • Do not use hot water as it will damage the flower design or pattern.
  • In the end, wash it with plain water and pat dry with a towel. You can also use hair spray to add shine.

Rice Treatment

  • Rice can be used to clean fake flowers, Let me teach you, How?
  • Take a container with rice and add the flowers to it.
  • Now gently pack the flowers in rice and let them rest for about one hour.
  • After one hour, remove the flowers and clean them with a normal dry cloth.

How to Clean Artificial Flowers in a Vase?

  • Before starting the cleaning process, you need to gather all the essential stuff like a small soft brush, a piece of cloth, dish soap, and a spray bottle.
  • Once you have gathered all the stuff, now it’s time to take the flowers carefully from the vase.
  • Take the cleaner or dish soap in a spray bottle and mix it with water. Use the damp cloth and the prepared mixture to clean the flowers. Be gentle and do not damage the pattern.
  • You can also use compressed air to clean every little corner.
  • Clean the vase with a wet cloth from the inside out and let it dry.
  • Once the vase and flowers are air dried, now rearrange the flowers in the vase carefully.

Types of Artificial Flowers

Let’s discuss in detail some of the most commonly available types of artificial flowers :

  • Silk flowers
  • Polyester flowers
  • Cloth flowers
  • Foam flowers
  • Paper flowers
  • Plastic flowers
  • Glass flowers

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are the most expensive, elegant, and luxurious choice when it comes to faux flowers. These flowers are made of protein fiber produced by silkworms. They have a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles to fulfill the purpose. Silk flowers are the most realistic-looking type of artificial flower. 

You can use it for home decorations, wedding arrangements, in making bouquets, and many other faux flower arrangements.

For cleaning silk flowers, regular dusting with a small piece of cloth can do its job but for deep cleaning and stain removal use a mixture of dish soap in water. Submerge the silk flowers in it for some time and then wash them with plain water. You can leave them to air dry and also use compressed air for this purpose.

Polyester Flowers

Polyester flowers are made of polyester fiber. It is the most popular type among all types of artificial flowers as they are super affordable yet durable. Since, its wide availability most people use these flowers for decoration purposes both for homes as well as on occasion.

Unlike silk, polyester is a strong and resilient material making it resistant to tear and damage. They are less shiny and give a typical artificial appearance which is its main drawback. Polyester is a synthetic material, not an environment-friendly material.

You can clean the polyester flowers by putting them in a jar filled with rice. Gently pack the flowers in rice and after some time remove them and clean them with a towel. 

Cloth Flowers

Cloth flowers is a term that involves all the artificial flowers made of various types of fabrics. The fabric can be cotton, silk, polyester, linen, or recycled fabric scraps. The affordability and durability depend on the type of fabric used. Cotton or linen are natural fibers and environment-friendly as compared to synthetic fibers like polyester.

Fibers like cotton or linen used in artificial flower decoration are fine materials and require delicate handling. For cleaning purposes, you need to be super gentle with them. Like silk flowers, they lack the reality factor, somehow.

You can use salt treatment for cleaning cloth flowers. Take some salt in a container and add flowers to it, let it be in there for some time, it will remove all the grime as well as excessive moisture from them.

Foam Flowers

As the name suggests, foam flowers are made of fine and lightweight foam material. They have a more realistic look as compared to other flower types. Due to their lightweight, they can be used in heavy decorations like at events or weddings. Foam is a strong material and can withstand bending or fading even after years, you just need to take proper care and they can remain there for even years.

It can be easily molded or crafted into various shapes and designs for DIY purposes. Direct sunlight can fade its color so you need to be cautious about that.

Cleaning of foam flowers can be made easy with the help of a soft-bristled brush. You can also use a towel or a small piece of cloth to remove dirt from them.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers provide a wide range of crafting options in a budget-friendly way. You can easily use your DIY skills to make a unique and beautiful flower. One important thing is, they are less durable and do not last long than other flower types. They are extremely lightweight and delicate and must be handled with care. It is the most cost-effective option in decoration. Since it is a biodegradable material, it won’t take much time to decay hence, minimizing the environmental impact.

Since paper flowers are delicate ones, consider using compressed areas to reach small areas to remove excess dust. Do not use any remedy in which water is used to clean flowers as paper will absorb the water and it will damage the art.
Faux flowers add color to your home and create a fresh and pleasing environment to live. If you are looking for beautiful and elegant faux flowers, consider visiting our website Knick Knaks Australia, we have a wide range of artificial Australian native flowers. Contact us to view our collection of flowers whether you want to buy for someone special or add them in your home for decoration purpose.



Where can I buy good quality artificial flowers?

If you want to buy high-quality and elegant artificial flowers online, check out our website Knick Knacks Australia for better options.

How many times do I have to clean artificial flowers in Australia?

Daily, dusting is enough but if spots accumulate on them you can deep clean artificial flowers with any of the ways already explained.

Which artificial flowers are more realistic?

High-quality fake silk flowers are the most in appearance. Latex flowers can also be very realistic but require special care.

Are artificial flowers safe for people with allergies?

Yes, Unlike real flowers, they don’t contain pollen or other allergens making them safe for allergic people.

How do you get the dust off silk flowers?

Use a hairdryer in a cool setting, a can of compressed air, a soft brush or feather duster, or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dust from silk flowers.