About Knick Knacks

Our mission

At Knick Knacks, customer service is everything! Our aim is to prove that online shopping is way better than retail. We do this by providing an amazing customer experience each and every time.

– Knick Knacks

Our mission

We are so passionate about you shopping with us that we stay with you every step of the way and we continue to be there even after you complete your purchase. Our mission is to give our customers such a satisfying shopping experience that they will choose to return and shop with us again and again.

Who we are

Knick Knacks is the leading online retail store focused on providing exciting quality products at very competitive prices. Over the past 2 years, Knick Knacks has teamed up with the best importers to bring our customers the latest trends and styles. We are the place to shop for event props, florals, specilised furniture, gifts and interior decor.

Happy Customers

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"Quick response and service great price. Very friendly lady thanks again for all yr help."

Tracy Duke

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“Thank you so much Aby for your great customer service! Your prices are very fair & the quality is very good. I can't believe that as soon as I placed an order, the day after I received the item with such a great delivery fee!"

Helen Peikos

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