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Animal Props

Our range of high quality realistic animal props has everything you need to perfectly create any theme like a safari, jungle, zoo or farm theme.

We stock a wide range of animals including life-size elephants, giraffes, tigers, monkeys, gorillas, lions, sheep, reindeers and zebras.

Made from high quaIity fiberclay, these animals are very durable and can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Bring out the party animal in you! View our range now!

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  • Aya the Alpaca Statue 45cm

  • Baby Koala

  • Bella The White Horse (32cm)

  • Bruce The Goose (80cm)

  • Charlie The Big Sitting Poodle

  • charlie the chimpSOLD OUT

    Charlie the Chimp Statue 85cm

  • lmky0020 2SOLD OUT

    Chester the baby Chimp Statue 44cm


    Connie the Cow Statue 118cm

  • daisySOLD OUT

    Daisy the Donkey Statue 53cm

  • Dalia the Deer Statue 115cm

  • deerSOLD OUT

    Delphine the Deer Statue 80cm


    Didi the Deer Statue 52cm