A wedding is an auspicious occasion which brings a lot of memories with it. It is considered one of the most beautiful days in one’s life. 

Amid the stress of starting a new chapter of life with a person you love, certain things, such as wedding flowers, need to be taken care of.

Flowers are the must-have of a wedding, or a wedding is impossible without flowers. However, people have yet to determine how long it will take to conclude the ceremony. Thus, the flowers may lose their natural charm. 

Therefore, artificial flowers for weddings have become quite popular in recent years. That’s what our topic of interest is today. 

In this article, we’ll see some of the most beautiful artificial flowers for weddings, how to choose the right bunch and where to buy them. So stay tuned if you want to make your day memorable.

Why Do You Need Flowers for Wedding? 

Flowers are essential to any wedding because they enhance the colour, texture, and emotion of your big day. Flowers play a significant role in establishing the mood or ambience for your wedding with their beauty, colour, elegance, and style.

Using flowers during a wedding serves as both a means of expression and a design element. At a wedding, flowers may be everywhere: in boutonnieres and bouquets, on the aisle during the ceremony, and even in exquisite floral arrangements used as table centrepieces. 

Flowers are essential to every wedding because they promote well-being and mindfulness. Brides worldwide are starting to recognise the value of floral design. The floral arrangements significantly influence the mood and style of the wedding, much like the bride’s bridal dress does. 

There are no restrictions on what may be done when working with flowers of different types, hues, and sizes. Every picture of the ceremony, bridesmaid pictures, reception pictures, and wedding portraits will feature gorgeous flower creations! 

Even with the most stunning gown, faultless hair, and flawless makeup, something will still feel lacking if the flowers don’t fit the style. When flowers are a part of the images of your wedding day that you will remember for the rest of your life, they don’t seem like such a frivolous investment.

Best Artificial Flowers for Wedding Decorations

Artificial Branches

Artificial Branches

If you want to add a fairy tale look to your bouquet or stage, why not consider buying impressive branches? It can add a more realistic touch to the venue, and I bet people will love it. 

Knick Knacks Australia offers some of the best branches you could have, which are hyperrealistic. If you have a fall-themed wedding, you might want to add Bronze Leaf Branch or Brown Gum Leaf Branch. Or maybe, if the wedding is themed as a princess’s wedding, you might want to add Cream Berry Bunch/.

Artificial Daisy Flowers

Artificial Daisy Flowers

Symbolising new beginnings, you should add a bunch of daisies to your venue. It will enhance the look of your venue and add good luck to your special day. In addition, you can make a garland of it or have a bouquet. The choice is yours!

Knick Knacks Australia has your back if you want a hot pink daisy to match your bride’s maid dresses or lilac daisies. Get any colour of some best artificial flowers for the wedding and make your occasion memorable.

Artificial Hydrangea Flowers

Artificial Hydrangea Flowers

If you are loving and peaceful, add a bunch of hydrangeas flowers to your wedding bouquet. Hydrangeas are one of the most commonly used artificial flowers for weddings. 

Blue hydrangeas combined with white roses give the bouquet a more elegant appearance. This bouquet will keep your bouquet simple if you’re looking for something simple.

You can check out some more varieties of hydrangea flowers here.

Artificial Leaf

Artificial Leaf

Planning a spring-themed wedding? Looking for some pretty blooming artificial flowers that look real or some leaves to add to a bridesmaid bouquet? 

Well, browse the broad category of Knick Knack Australia, where you can find various leaves to add to your venue or bouquet.

Whether you want a monstera leaf or an orchid leaf, you’ll get a range of high-quality artificial leaves here.

Artificial Orchid Flowers

Artificial Orchid Flowers

Let’s move on to another most demanded artificial flower for weddings: orchid flowers

Those on a tight budget for their weddings might consider artificial orchid bouquets for themselves and their bridesmaids. From Knick Knacks, you can choose from an extensive selection of wedding bouquets that are sure to please. 

Besides providing beautiful wedding photos of flowers that never wilt, silk flower bouquets can also be used as decor in your home after the wedding.

Artificial Peonies Flowers

Artificial Peonies Flowers

Flowers such as peonies symbolises prosperity, good luck, love and honour, making them the perfect choice for any occasion. Get an exciting selection of high-quality artificial peonies in various colours and designs you will want to take advantage of.

Make your wedding day memorable for everyone by buying real-looking peonies.

Artificial Roses

A flower is not only used to make a bouquet or used as a decoration piece for the venue. You can add some artificial roses to your hair or sometimes to your four-tiered wedding cake.

You will always have options for using artificial flowers for weddings, as they are uncountable!

Artificial Flower Garland

Artificial Flower Garland

You can create a distinctly outdoor atmosphere with artificial garland, whether it’s pampas, table garlands or a flower wall that makes a statement. If you plan an event or party, artificial foliage will enhance the ambience with a beauty that will never wilt.

How to Choose the Right Flowers?

It should be your first concern to select the ideal material. This will decide how lifelike your artificial flowers and plants will appear. It may occasionally limit the kinds of flowers you purchase because some blooms are only available in some materials. 

You should carefully examine how much you are prepared to spend on flowers and how long you want them to endure. Although they initially cost much more than the flimsier materials, more robust materials will last you longer and be suitable for outdoor usage.

Before making your purchase, it is best to consider the following factors when selecting fabric flowers for your wedding decorations.


Choose flowers crafted from superior materials like polyester. These resemble actual flowers in texture and are vital to endure action during setup for weddings and receptions. The closest thing to real flowers you can find is silk ones. They will typically have a good deal of detail, which sets them apart from other kinds of fake flowers and contributes to their lifelike appearance.


Create a list of the varieties of flowers you’ll need by deciding where and how you want to utilise flowers. Choose wreaths and hanging baskets for the backdrop, floral garlands or arrangements for the centrepiece, and potted plants for the accent decorations. Foam flowers are the ideal option if you prefer relatively tiny and delicate petals.


Artificial flowers survive long after the wedding ceremony and are a wise investment. To stretch out the expense of their wedding, brides can also decide to buy permanent blooms months in advance while still receiving blossoms that appear fresh on the wedding day. 

Fresh flowers typically endure up to a week, sometimes less, and lose their finest appearance after five days. The annual expense of renewing fresh flowers for your house or place of business will increase if you enjoy having lovely flowers around.

Knick Knacks Australia

To find the best artificial flowers for wedding on your big day, visit Knick Knacks Australia, where you will find the best high quality and wide range of realistic flowers. So why wait and not choose the stress-free wedding option?

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Is it OK to use artificial flowers for a wedding? 

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to use artificial flowers for a wedding.

How much does it cost to get fake flowers for wedding? 

The cost of fake flowers for a wedding can vary depending on the size of the wedding and the quality of the flowers, but generally, they are less expensive than real flowers.

What are the most realistic fake flowers? 

Many types of realistic fake flowers are available, but some of the most realistic options include silk flowers, real-touch flowers, and high-quality foam flowers.

What are two types of artificial flowers? 

Two types of artificial flowers are silk flowers and plastic flowers.