Wedding is another name for celebration as it is a beautiful and sacred union of two people and two families. The newlyweds receive a lot of wishes from their families and friends. Furthermore, it’s a beautiful custom to bestow gifts upon newlywed couples. 

But now it’s time to break the boundaries and think beyond the old and classical traditions of giving wedding gifts. One of the recent and up-to-date additions to the wedding customs is the wedding wishing well box. Wishing well, with time, has become one unique way to convey their lovely wishes for a couple. 

Here, we will navigate deeply into the world of wedding wishing well, ranging from what is indeed a wedding wishing well, uncovering its origin, to striking and impressive wishing well ideas. Let’s now steer you through the world of wedding wishing well. 

What Is A Wishing Well Wedding?

Now let’s understand: what is a wishing well wedding? What constitutes a ‘wishing well wedding’ is a charming receptacle beyond mere simplicity – it could take the form of an elegantly adorned basket, a decorative box, or even be custom-crafted to align with the wedding’s overarching theme seamlessly. 

From whimsical wishing-well mailboxes to imaginative money trees, a myriad of creative renditions exist for this cherished wedding tradition. Discover inspiration and quotes for wishing well that perfectly encapsulate the sentiment behind these unique and meaningful wedding features.

Uncovering The Background Of Wedding Wishing Well

If we break into the history of wedding wishing well, we can find its origin in European folklore in which there was a well that fulfilled the wishes of a boy. Wells were considered to be having good fortune and happiness for the people. With time, the idea evolved into a wishing fountain where people toss coins to make their wishes come true. 

Now, this idea has become even more innovative and exciting as well. Now, newlyweds are excited and curious to see what their wedding guests have come up with in the form of various wedding wishing well collections, including wishing well cards containing beautiful quotes, envelopes with money as a gift and much more. 

It has especially come into the limelight in Australia, where almost 60% of couples love this new addition. So what have we come to know about wedding wishing well until now? It’s an attractive box that has gained popularity recently, especially among newly wedded couples who do not desire traditional wedding gifts.

Selecting The Right Wedding Wishing Well

When it comes to creating an impressive wishing well for your wedding reception, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a structured guide to help you select the right one:

Consider Personal Preferences

Start by considering both you and your partner’s preferences. Think about the overall theme and style you envision for your wedding.

Match with the Wedding Venue

Ensure that the wishing well complements the theme and ambience of the wedding venue. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, consider a beach-themed wishing well to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Explore Material Options

Acrylic Wishing Well Box: Opt for a sleek and modern look, perhaps matching it with the colour scheme or bridal dress.

Vintage Design: Choose a magnificent box with a vintage touch for a timeless and elegant feel.

Theme-Based Wishing Well: Align the design with the wedding theme, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing setup.

Digital Wedding Wishing Well

For a contemporary twist, some couples opt for a digital wishing well. Consider using technology to depict your love story through a digital platform.

Incorporate Personal Touches

Add unique elements that reflect the personality of the couple. Consider customising the wishing well to tell your love story or include meaningful symbols.

Coordinate with Bridal Attire

Coordinate the wishes well with the bridal dress or overall attire. This attention to detail can enhance the visual appeal of the entire reception.

Practicality and Functionality

Ensure the chosen wishing well is visually appealing and practical for collecting well-wishes. Consider the size and design to accommodate various types of cards and gifts.

Testimonials or Reviews

Consider reading reviews or seeking recommendations if purchasing or renting a wishing well. Learn from the experiences of others to make an informed decision.

Budget Considerations

Determine a budget for the wishing well and explore options within that range. Remember that a well-chosen wishing well can be a worthwhile investment in enhancing the wedding experience.

Finalise with a Rehearsal

Before the big day, conduct a rehearsal to ensure that the wishing well placement and setup align with your vision. This allows for necessary adjustments and seamlessly integrates into the wedding festivities.

Choosing The Heartfelt Wishing Well Wording

How to express your heartfelt, warm welcome to the invited guests puts you into contemplation. You wonder how to show your love in an impressive and precise way. 

The problem arises: how can you ask your guests to contribute money for your future needs? For example, planning for your honeymoon or renovating your apartment or home. 

So, there is nothing to worry about. There are many ways in which you can transform your feelings into words. You can get help from your friends and family members. Try to use words that adore your guests via your wishing well invitations. 

Here, we are providing you with beautiful, simple examples:

  • Example 1: We are very happy because you are here to be a part of our sacred union. We are excited because you are here to add more excitement to this event. We welcome you all from the core of our hearts.
  • Example 2: Your presence is enough for us. But if you want to express your love and warm wishes, we are having a wedding wishing well.
  • Example 3: You are here to make our special day more special. That’s enough for us! But if you want to give us a wedding gift, we are having a wedding wishing well here at our reception.

You can adopt an attractive poetic way as well. Like; 

  • Your presence and love are enough for us, but a wishing well is ready to get your monetary wishes. 

You can also add some humour to it, just as: 

  • This well is a treasure for us. Consider us pirates. Cruise your ship towards this well and drop your catch into it to make our happily ever after even more happy! 

Guiding Your Guests For The Beautiful Contribution 

Now, it’s really important to attract your guests to your wedding wishing well. 

  • So, in addition to the magnificent wishing well, hang some adorable envelopes where your guests can put the monetary gifts for you. 
  • Moreover, you can also keep some cute, beautiful and attractive packets so your guests can place their cards for you. But keep one thing in mind: do not make your guests uncomfortable with your words. They shouldn’t be embarrassed if they haven’t brought a gift for you. Wedding wishing well wording should be appropriate. 
  • Furthermore, you can insert an LED to show videos in which people happily contribute to the splendid tradition. 
  • In addition to all of these suggestions, you can also make separate beautiful notes on which it has been mentioned; “your monetary gift”, “your cards and wishes”, “your other gifts”, and so on so that your guests can have choices based on the gifts with which they have arrived. 


Wedding Wishing Well Australia is a remarkable addition to the wedding tradition. Why? You can consider it as a beacon of light, hope, love, care, and support that you receive from your guests. There is nothing wrong with showing your guests what you prefer as a gift, but again, remember one thing:

  1. Use appropriate words that do not make your guests uncomfortable, hesitant, or embarrassed.
  2. Add an element of humour.
  3. Show your gratitude and love for your guests.