Weddings are an auspicious moment for both the bride and the groom. They enter into a new phase of their lives where responsibilities await. Amid future stress and wanting to keep everything top-notch on the wedding day, decorating a hall must be included.

Wedding reception decorations are one of the most stressful things to do at a wedding. From having the correct type of flowers to ensuring you have all the chairs and the aisle perfectly decorated. Instead of taking it on your nerves, think calmly. Bring out your creativity and give ideas to the event planner.

However, this might cost you a fortune. Thus to avoid it, why don’t you try to do your wedding reception decorations?

This article will discuss some of the best ways to decorate a wedding hall. So buckle up!

What Do You Need?

First things first, what do you need for wedding decoration? Here is a list of wedding reception decorations to create the look you’ve always wanted.


What do you think brings life to a wedding event? You are probably thinking of flowers. Flowers are indeed the main essence of wedding reception decorations. You may have never seen any event without them. However, they might only stay fresh during the wedding, thus avoiding the embarrassment of wilted flowers, some beautiful artificial flowers. You can get the best artificial flowers from Knick Knacks Australia


The next item on your list of wedding reception decorations must be draped. If you want to give a dramatic look to your reception, get some drapes. You can add them on the stage or as an entrance door. You can add drapes on both sides of the aisle as knotted curtains to create a fairy-tale look. 


Lights are essential, especially when you are having your wedding reception at night. There is no hard and fast rule to add lights other than the traditional string lights. You can add any light. From lanterns to chandeliers, you can choose according to your theme and taste. 

Plinth stand

Now if you want to add glamour and style to your wedding reception decorations, you must go for plinth stands. You can either place vases on it or some other decorative ornaments or statues to give a royal vibe to the reception. Plinth stands are available in different sizes, styles and colours, and you can get what matches your requirements.  


The following essential wedding decoration item on our list is the backdrop. Wedding backdrops serve as an ideal frame for a photograph of you and your spouse. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing it. You can create your own backdrop by adding flowers and leaves or lights and paper flowers. 

Cake stand + topper

No one would like a wedding without a wedding cake, but with that, you will require some equipment. If you want your cake to look visually appealing, you can add a cake stand to it. They can be of various styles, and choosing the best one can be challenging; however, you can take help from your partner on what should be chosen. You can also get a high-quality stand from here.


Planning on having a royal or vintage-themed wedding? Add antique vases to complete the look. Vases along the aisle will add a look of elegance to the venue. You can put flowers in the vase or keep them empty according to the theme.

What Should Be Your Focus?

A wedding reception includes stage decor, tables, chairs, venue, backdrops, etc. However, you must prioritise what makes or breaks the overall look of the reception. Whether you feel the need to add wedding table flowers or lights, here is what you must focus on:


The stage holds a unique significance at a wedding. Two people say their lifetime vows on it, and the memories are captured on the stage. Additionally, anyone who comes to the wedding first notices the stage out of all the wedding hall decorations. Therefore, your primary focus must be the stage. Refrain from decorating or leaving empty spaces as it will create a wrong impression on wedding reception decorations.


Every woman dreams of walking down the aisle just like a princess. But what if it doesn’t align with your theme or has something missing? That’s where your mood will begin to spoil. To avoid such situations, you should especially direct your focus on it. Make sure it has the perfect number of followers, and add a wedding arch. Learn how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric to avoid the additional costs of decorators.


Tables must look representable, and you might wonder how it can be done. Well, you must add the table cloth that matches the theme in contrast with a table runner. You can add candle stands and other silverware to make it look perfect.

How To Decorate A Hall For A Wedding Reception

Let’s move to our main question, “How to decorate a hall for a wedding reception.” As it seems intimidating, it can be done quickly with suitable materials and people with experience. Here is a guide on how you can decorate a hall for the wedding reception.

Choose a theme or colour scheme

Consider your style as a couple and choose a theme or colour scheme that reflects that. For example, if you love the beach, you could choose a seaside theme with blues, greens, and sandy tones. You could also add creative touches like incorporating seashells into your decor or setting up a photo booth with a beachy backdrop.

Plan the layout

Consider using different types of seating to create an attractive layout. For example, you could mix round and rectangular tables or incorporate some lounge seating areas with comfy couches and chairs. This will create a more dynamic and visually appealing space for your guests.

Add lighting

Use different bulbs, colours, and fixtures to get creative with your lighting. For example, you could use string lights to create a romantic, sparkling effect or add some colourful uplighting to highlight specific areas of the space. You could also use candles of different shapes and sizes for a warm and inviting ambience.

Create a focal point

There are many creative options for creating a stunning focal point for your wedding reception. For example, you could create a beautiful flower wall with fresh blooms and greenery or set up a DIY photo booth with fun props and backdrops. 

Another idea is to create a unique dessert table with a show-stopping cake, cupcakes, and other sweets.

Use flowers and greenery

Flowers and greenery can be incorporated in many different ways. For example, you could create an eye-catching flower arch as a backdrop for your ceremony or use hanging floral arrangements to add dimension to your reception space. 

You could also incorporate lavender or rosemary into your centrepieces for a fresh and fragrant touch.

Personalise the space

Use creative touches to personalise your reception space and make it unique to you as a couple. For example, you could create custom signs with your names or monogram or a DIY seating chart with unique touches like vintage keys or pretty calligraphy. 

Another idea is to create a memory table with photos of your loved ones who couldn’t be there to celebrate with you.

Consider the ceiling

The ceiling is often overlooked when decorating, but it can be an excellent opportunity to add visual interest to your space. 

For example, you could hang paper lanterns in different sizes and colours or create a stunning floral ceiling installation with hanging blooms and greenery. Another idea is to create a romantic canopy effect by draping fabric from the ceiling to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Wedding Reception Decorations Ideas

There are numerous ways to achieve the desired look at your wedding, but if you are still looking for a suitable theme, here is a list of some beautiful ways to decorate a hall for the wedding reception.

Radiant Romance: Marquee Lights and Paper Lanterns

Light up your wedding reception with marquee lights and paper lanterns for a magical and enchanting atmosphere. 

Spell out your name, initials or wedding date in marquee lights and hang paper lanterns of different sizes and colours for an ethereal and whimsical effect. Add a few strands of fairy lights to complete the look for added romance.

Lavish Luxury: Elegant Purple Banquet Hall

Make your wedding reception feel like a regal affair with an elegant purple colour scheme. Mix and match lavender, plum, and violet shades to create a luxurious and sophisticated ambience. Add silver or gold accents and lush floral arrangements to elevate the look further.

Boho Bliss: Boho Themed Reception

Bring a bohemian touch to your wedding reception with boho-themed decor. Create a cosy and intimate atmosphere with woven textiles, natural materials, and plenty of plants. 

Use a palette of warm and earthy colours like sage green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange, and incorporate macrame, dreamcatchers, and other boho accents to complete the look.

Rustic Romance: Tented Fall Wedding With Assorted Chandeliers

Transform your outdoor wedding reception into a rustic and romantic paradise with a tented affair. Hang various chandeliers of different shapes, sizes, and styles from the tent’s ceiling to create a warm and cosy ambience. Use natural elements like wood, greenery, and candles to complete the look.

Bold and Beautiful: Giant Letters

Make a statement with oversized letters to add a touch of drama and personality to your wedding reception. Spell out your name, initials, or a fun phrase like “I Do” or “Happily Ever After” to create a photo-worthy backdrop for your guests. 

Consider using different textures and materials like metal, wood, or flowers to create a unique and memorable display.

Electric Energy: Neon Signs

Add a modern and edgy vibe to your wedding reception with neon signs. Choose a custom message or design representing you as a couple or a playful and fun option like “Party Time” or “Love Wins”. Use neon signs to light up your dance floor, photo booth, or bar area, and watch as your guests gravitate towards the great and colourful glow.

Wrapping Up!

Doing wedding reception decorations by yourself might seem daunting at first, but if you’re a creative person, it will be fun for you.

With the right idea in mind, you can build your dream space for your wedding. Make sure to choose high-quality decor items to ensure the event goes smoothly. Make your day special, and get your things done according to you because IT IS YOUR DAY!