Console tables, often overlooked in their significance, are indispensable as the central focal point of any distinguished living room. They are also a great way to create a statement in a room. In short, they are the unsung heroes of living rooms that make a statement.

While they can be messy, exceptional decor ideas and management skills take the lead. You can create an aesthetic vibe in your room with uncountable console table decor ideas. Whether your inclination leans toward the graceful allure of vases, the intellectual charm of books, or the expressive strokes of artwork, or if you find solace in the minimalistic appeal or the free-spirited essence of a boho theme, the choice is yours.

If you are one of those people looking to add a console table in their rooms, then this console table decor ideas guide is tailored for you. Grab the chair and have a seat because it’s going to be an enlightening and captivating adventure!

What Type Of Console Table Do You Have?

Well, there can be multiple kinds of console tables, each of which will require a unique approach when it comes to styling. Therefore, before delving into the world of console table decor, it’s imperative to acquaint yourself with your table’s specific design, shape, and size.

In this regard, let’s explore a selection of unique console tables in Australia, each with its distinct personality and potential for interior embellishment.

Square table  

Square tables are the ultimate table problem-solver. Although square console tables are less common, they can be a unique addition to your interior. 

Characterised by their symmetrical and modern design, square console tables seamlessly integrate into contemporary decor schemes. You may require excellent styling knowledge when working with square console tables to create a balanced arrangement of decor items.

Round side table

Moving on to our next glamorous addition, most commonly found in our homes, is the round side table. The round console tables are not only an elegant part of your home, but they also play a pivotal role in softening the lines of a room. 

They work wonders as an eye-catching accent piece; you probably would not have difficulty decorating it. Moreover, when styling a round console table, remember that you’ll have to cover the circular surface while maintaining balance.

Glass Console Table

Who doesn’t need an element of luxury in their home? If you consider giving your home accessories a luxury touch, consider adding a glass console table. With elegant glass tops, these tables can instil a feeling of spaciousness and airiness within any room. 

Thus, they are frequently chosen as the preferred option by those looking to add a touch of brightness and openness to their modern or contemporary interiors. Glass tables would be best if used as cake tables.

Rectangle table

Want a wide table to add to your living room? A rectangular console table is your ultimate choice. 

Rectangular console tables are timeless and versatile, available in many sizes and design variations. When styling these tables, the key lies in crafting an enticing focal point artfully centred on their elongated surface.

Figure Out Your Style!

Thinking carefully about your personal preferences and the unique requirements of your living space is the first step in determining your ideal console table style. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you in determining your preferred style of console tables:

Assess Your Space

First, evaluate the room where you intend to place the console table. If you are not aware of the natural vibe of your space, you will not be able to incorporate the correct elements into it. 

Consider the room’s size, layout, and existing decor. Determine whether you need a console table for functional purposes, such as storage, or if it will primarily serve as a decorative accent.

Define Your Decor Theme

Now, define the theme of your room that matches your personality and compliments the room’s natural appearance. Your console table should also complement and enhance this existing aesthetic.

Consider Material and Finish

The material and finish of your console table play a significant role in defining its style—for instance, wood, metal, or glass.

Choose a Shape

The shape of your modern console table is like giving a soul to your room. The shape of your console table can also convey your particular style. Thus, make sure you are choosing the right one.

Select a Design

Whether you want to know entryway console table decor ideas or some basic ones, having a map of the design in your mind is crucial. Console tables come in diverse designs, including minimalist, ornate, mid-century, and more. Pick a design that fits your personal preferences and the overall theme of your decor. 

Purpose of The Table

Why do you need console tables in Australia? Before buying a modern console table, you must be clear about the purpose that table will serve.

Console Table Decor Ideas

Let’s delve into console table decor ideas that you need to know to make your living space look more charming:

Greenery Galore

Add an element of nature; elevate your console table with various indoor plants. Consider placing a mix of potted plants, such as succulents, snake plants, or peace lilies, in stylish pots, vases, or planters. 

You can also create a mini indoor garden by arranging smaller plants in decorative trays or terrariums. Adding greenery brings a touch of nature into your space and contributes to improved air quality.

Mirror Magic

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It’s you! Compliment yourself every time you see it in the Mirror! Install an oversized decorative mirror above your console table to make your space appear more open. 

Choose a mirror frame that complements your decor style, whether ornate and vintage or sleek and modern. The Mirror will reflect light and add an element of glamour to your entryway or living room.

Artistic Assemblage

If you are artistic, you can create an artistic look for your console table. Use your console table as a rotating art gallery. Showcase your favourite pieces of artwork, photographs, or prints. 

Frame your art in a consistent style or mix and match frames for an eclectic look. Change the artwork periodically to keep your decor fresh and engaging.

Candlelit Elegance

What can be more captivating than having a candlelit elegance in your living space? Create a magical stance by using candles and candle jars for one of your console table decor ideas. 

Arrange a variety of candles in different shapes, sizes, and styles on your console table. Consider using metal, glass, or ceramic candle holders to add visual interest. Opt for scented candles to infuse your space with delightful fragrances, or use a diffuser with those candles.

Bookish Charm

If you are a bookworm, you must stack a curated selection of books on your console table. You can choose books based on their covers, colours, or themes that resonate with your decor.

Moreover, use decorative bookends to keep your book stacks tidy and add style to the arrangement. Place a stylish reading lamp on top of the books to create an aesthetic vibe for a functional and inviting touch.

Coastal Vibes

If you like including beachy vibes in your room, go for coastal decor. This can include seashells, driftwood, coral, and beach glass. 

You can place a bowl filled with beach finds on your console table and hang nautical artwork or mirrors above it. To be more creative, Incorporate shades of blue and white to capture the essence of the sea.

Global Treasures

Are you a travel freak? Then what could be better than showing the souvenirs from the places you visited?  

Arrange masks, textiles, or decorative items from various countries on your console table. Mixing and matching items from different cultures can create an eclectic and visually engaging display.

Vintage Glamour

Vintage interior is a trend nowadays; thus, it can be a great way to infuse your space. You can add a vintage charm by featuring antique finds on your console table. Consider using vintage cameras, old clocks, tableware, or collectibles as decorative pieces. 

Vintage items add nostalgia and character to your decor, creating a unique and timeless look. You can also add vintage lanterns to your table, undoubtedly leaving a long-lasting impression on visitors!

Sculptural Statements

Do you have an artistic mind, or are you interested in sculpting? Then, you can make a bold statement by selecting a captivating sculpture or art piece as the centrepiece of your console table. Surround the sculpture with complementary decor items like vases, candles, or books. The sculpture will be a focal point and a conversation starter in your space.

Seasonal Delights

You can embrace the changing seasons by adapting your console table decor accordingly. In spring, decorate with fresh flowers in colourful vases and pastel accents. 

Meanwhile, incorporate rustic elements like pumpkins, gourds, and autumn leaves for fall. Seasonal decor keeps your space feeling current and celebratory throughout the year.

Secret tips that no one’s going to tell you!

Here are the top seven secret tips for console table decor ideas that no one’s going to tell you:

  • Create a striking focal point by placing a prominent artwork, Mirror, or sculpture in the centre of the console table.
  • Achieve a balanced and symmetrical look by flanking the focal point with pairs of decor items.
  • Add visual interest by varying the heights of your decor items.
  • Maintain a cohesive colour scheme that complements your room’s decor. 
  • Incorporate a mix of textures to add depth and tactile appeal. 
  • Embrace the beauty of negative space by allowing some areas of the console table to remain unadorned. 
  • Change up your console table decor with the seasons or for special occasions. 


Your console table is a versatile canvas for expressing your unique style and personality within your living space. By exploring these ten distinct decor ideas, you can transform your console table into a captivating focal point that reflects your tastes and enhances the ambience of your room. 

As you embark on this creative journey, remember that the true magic lies in the fusion of these ideas. Whether your style is traditional, modern, eclectic, or unique, your console table is a blank canvas awaiting your artistic touch. 

Let your imagination soar, and let your console table reflect your individuality and the heart of your home’s decor.

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What do you put on a console table?
Decorative items like vases, candles, artwork, and personal touches like photos or sculptures.
How do you make a console table look good?
Create balance with varying heights, colours, and textures, and add a focal point like a mirror or artwork.
How to decorate a bedroom console?
Coordinate with your bedroom’s style; include lamps, a mirror, and personal touches like a tray for jewellery or a small plant.
How do you decorate a console table with shelves?
Arrange a mix of books, decor items, and storage baskets on the shelves to maintain a tidy and visually appealing display.