Planning a holiday party demands a significant amount of time and effort: sending invitations, selecting your most festive ugly sweater, mixing cocktails, decorating cookies… and much more. However, as long as the guests are enjoying themselves and getting into the spirit, every detail is worth the effort.

Once you’ve arranged for a 360 photo booth, it’s time to upgrade the experience with some creative props. With the right props, your party will become a lively photoshoot, grabbing attention both in person and online after the event!

So, do you want to take your photo booth event to new heights? Continue reading this guide to explore the 15 best 360 photo booth props available online, and you can also make yourself. 

15 Best 360 Photo Booth Props Ideas

Funny Glasses

Funny glasses props for kids are like regular glasses, but they’re made to look silly! They can be really big or have shapes that are weird and funny. When you wear them in photos, they make everyone smile because they’re so funny.

Hats and Headwear

Hats are things you wear on your head, like baseball caps or cowboy hats. But for photos, you can wear all sorts of hats! Some hats are really funny, like ones with big fake flowers or crazy patterns. Others can be more stylish, like fancy hats you might see at a fancy party. No matter what kind of hat you choose, these party photo props add something special to your photo.

Moustaches and Lips

Moustaches are those hairy things that grow above your lip. But sometimes, people wear fake ones for fun! They are available in all kinds of shapes, colours, and sizes. Lips are like the ones you have, but they’re fake and can come in all kinds of colours and shapes, too. These 360 photo props for photo booth are fun to wear in photos because you can make funny faces with them.

Props on Sticks

Imagine taking a photo with something cool, like a big emoji face or a speech bubble, but you can hold it in your hand! That’s what props on sticks are. They’re like little signs or objects that you can hold up while taking a picture. These best 360 photo booth props are easy to use and make your photos more interesting.

Themed Accessories

Themed accessories are things you wear or hold that match a specific theme or event. For example, if it’s Christmas, you can choose Christmas photo props that include a Santa hat or beard or some deers. If it’s Halloween, you might wear a spooky mask. And if it’s a beach party, you might wear sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt. You can also choose wedding photo props, which include a ring, sunglasses, lips, wine glasses, etc. These accessories make your photos look festive and fun and help set the mood for whatever event you’re celebrating.

Animal Ears and Nose

Imagine if your kids can look like cute animals in your photos! With animal ears and noses birthday party props, they can! These are like headbands with fluffy ears and a soft nose that make you look like a playful animal. They’re super fun to wear and make your photos extra adorable.

Boas and Scarves

Boas are like fancy, fluffy feather necklaces that make you look like a movie star from the old days. Scarves are colourful pieces of cloth that you can wear around your neck or drape over your shoulders. When you wear boas or scarves in photos, you look elegant and stylish, like you’re ready to walk down a red carpet!

Signs and Placards

Signs and placards are like mini posters that you can hold up in your photos. These best 360 photo booth props have funny or clever messages written on them, like “I’m with silly” or “Got Hitched.” When you hold up these signs, you’re expressing yourself and adding a touch of humour to your photos.

Wearable Props

Wearable props are like costumes that you can put on for your photos. Imagine dressing up as a superhero with a flowing cape or as a magical fairy with delicate wings. These 360 photo props for photo booth will let you transform into your favourite characters and make your photos feel like you’re part of a fun story.

Emoji Props

Emojis are those little pictures we use to show how we’re feeling in text messages. These best 360 photo booth props are like big versions of those emojis that you can hold up in your photos. They have all sorts of expressions, like happy faces, sad faces, and even silly faces! They’re perfect for showing off your mood and adding fun emotions to your photos.

Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories

These are special accessories that shine brightly in the dark! They’re like magical items that make your photos look amazing, especially at night. You might have things like glowing necklaces, bracelets, or even glowing glasses. They add a touch of wonder and excitement to your pictures, especially if you’re at a party or event after the sun goes down.

Props for Kids

If you have little brothers, sisters, or friends who are kids, you can keep them happy and entertained with special props made just for them! These props include foam swords for pretend battles, tiaras for feeling like a prince or princess, and superhero masks for pretending to have superpowers. Kids love playing with these props, and they make your photos extra fun and adorable.

Vintage Props

Vintage means something old-fashioned that’s really cool and stylish. Vintage props are things that remind us of the past, like old-style glasses, vinyl records (those big black discs that play music), or classic cameras. When you use vintage props in your photos, it’s like taking a step back in time. These props add a touch of historical charm to your pictures.

DIY Props

DIY stands for “do it yourself,” which means you make things on your own. DIY props are props that you can make yourself using simple materials like cardboard, felt (a soft fabric), or paint. You can get creative and make anything you want, like funny signs, silly hats, or even masks of your favourite animals. Making your props adds a personal and unique touch to your photos, and it’s a lot of fun to get crafty!


An event is incomplete without some amazing backdrops. With an amazing variety of circle and rectangular silver, gold, black and greenery backdrops, you can give a new perspective to your event. Never let the audience question the creative aspect of your event, infuse the backdrop that is just a reflection of your personality and style.

Where To Buy Photo Booth Props?

After booking your 360 photo booth from Spin pod located in Sydney, you might think about where to buy photo booth props. So, here are some options for you:

  1. Party Supply Stores: Many party supply stores carry a wide range of photo booth props, especially around holidays and special occasions.
  2. Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Knick Knacks have a wide collection of photo booth props & Kmart in various themes and styles.
  3. Craft Stores: Stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann Fabrics often have sections dedicated to party supplies where you can find photo booth props.
  4. Dollar Stores: Discount stores like Dollar Tree or Dollar General sometimes carry simple photo booth props at very affordable prices.
  5. Speciality Shops: Some specialty shops focus specifically on event or party supplies and may offer unique or customisable photo booth props.


Adding the right props to your 360 photo booth can upgrade your party experience to new heights. From funny glasses to themed accessories, animal ears to glow-in-the-dark accessories, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re expressing yourself with signs and placards or transforming into your favourite characters with wearable props, these additions ensure that every photo captured is filled with fun and festivity. So, get your hands on these 15 best 360 photo booth props online or get creative with DIY options to make your event memorable and entertaining for all your guests.