Wedding stresses everyone out. You might be unable to focus on your best day when you have venue decisions pending. The most nerve-wracking thing to manage is the tables of your venue.

What should you put on them? Do you have enough table runners? Do you need a candle holder? Are your candle holders the same? Are these decorations going with your theme? All these thoughts, and you feel stuck in between them. 

You don’t need to waste your time finding the perfect items because Knick Knacks Australia has brought them to you! Whether it is a wedding or any other event, we’ve got your back. 

This article will discuss some of the most elegant Australian wedding table decor ideas to add a touch to your reception. So buckle up for the venture!

Why do you need wedding table decorations in Australia?

A wedding reception’s table decorations are crucial because they enhance the mood and atmosphere of the occasion. Everything, from the centrepieces to the tablecloths to the lighting, contributes to the decor’s ability to create a unifying theme and aesthetic.

The aesthetic appeal of the reception is improved by wedding table decor, which also aids in giving the guests a unique experience. 

They ought to be welcomed by a warm and gorgeous environment that captures the character and aesthetic of the couple as soon as they step inside the reception area.

The wedding table decorations can also set the atmosphere of the evening’s festivities. Your guests will most likely feel like they are attending a more formal and sophisticated event if you choose a more formal and traditional decor style, for instance. 

Instead, if you opt for a more informal and laid-back look, your guests might feel more relaxed and at home the entire evening.


Here are a few brilliant wedding table decoration ideas!

Pure Elegance

It is impossible to overstate the grace and beauty of a white roses garland. White roses are a representation of sincerity, innocence, and purity. 

Your guests will be impressed by the romantic and elegant atmosphere you can create using a white rose garland for wedding table decorations.

The garland is a traditional option that will never go out of style, and because of its uncomplicated design, it can fit in with any wedding theme or colour scheme.

A Touch of Playfulness 

Pink daisies make a fun and upbeat choice for wedding table decorations. They stand for fresh starts, innocence, and unadulterated love. 

You can create a happy and lively atmosphere by using them to add splashes of colour to your wedding table. 

Pink daisies are ideal for a spring or summer wedding, and because of their adaptability, they can be used with a wide range of wedding themes and styles.

Vintage Decor

Vintage weddings are classy and timeless. You can make a cosy and romantic ambience by incorporating antique vases and candlesticks into your centrepieces. 

Another excellent way to highlight Australia’s rich history and culture is by including vintage Australian postcards or images.

Timeless Elegance

A traditional and elegant flower used in wedding decorations for decades is a baby’s Breath, which has delicate white blooms and a delicate appearance. 

Despite being a traditional flower, contemporary weddings still look fresh and romantic. Baby’s Breath is a classic and elegant addition to any table decorations wedding that will never go out of style. 

It is a flower that exudes grace and beauty and will undoubtedly give your special day a hint of romance and sophistication.

Raise a Glass 

A short champagne bunch is an excellent option to make your wedding reception feel wealthy and sophisticated. Champagne roses are the ideal choice for a wedding celebration because they are a sign of joy and congrats. 

The compact bunches make beautiful centrepieces or can be arranged in vases. The elegant and glamorous warm, neutral tones of champagne roses enhance any wedding table decorations.

Glowing Romance

You can use a gold lantern as part of the table decorations for weddings, among other things. It can be used as a centrepiece if you add a candle and fill it with flowers or other greenery. 

The rustic feel of the lantern makes it an excellent choice for a natural or bohemian wedding because of its rustic colour, which adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your wedding decor. 

You can make your guests feel welcome and comfortable by using a gold lantern to create an atmosphere.

Modern Minimalism

Keeping your table settings straightforward and orderly is a great way to establish a minimalist and posh atmosphere for an elegant and modern wedding. 

You can express your admiration for Australia’s natural beauty in a chic and contemporary way by choosing black and white as your primary colours and adding a pop of colour with native flowers or Australian-themed napkins.

Nature’s Beauty

Balsam cedarwood is a distinctive and unanticipated option for wedding table decorations. Your wedding reception will smell great thanks to its all-natural fragrance, and its natural charm will give it an air of organic elegance. 

The wood can be used to make lovely place cards or table numbers or be placed randomly across the centre of the table to give it a more organic and natural appearance. 

Your wedding table will stand out thanks to the distinctive character of balsam cedarwood, which is ideal for a fall or winter wedding.

Opulent Display

For couples looking to create a show-stopping cake display, a 30cm luxe gold crystal cake stand from the opulence collection is ideal. 

The crystal accents make a stunning and opulent centrepiece, and the gold colour gives your wedding decor a dash of glamour and sophistication. 

The stand’s generous dimensions are ideal for showcasing a giant wedding cake, and your guests will be amazed by its lavish design.

Traditional Charm

A two-tiered gold cake stand is a timeless and conventional option when displaying a wedding cake. 

The two tiers are ideal for displaying more miniature wedding cakes or cupcakes, and the gold colour gives your wedding decor a touch of sophistication and elegance. 

The stand is adaptable and can hold a variety of desserts, making it an excellent investment for your wedding reception.

Romantic Glow

A romantic touch to your wedding table decor can be added with rose gold candle holders, which are both simple and elegant. 

The rose gold’s delicate pink hue adds intimacy and warmth to your wedding reception, and the flickering candlelight produces a lovely and romantic atmosphere. 

To create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, place candle holders on each place setting or sprinkle them around the space. 

Unique Centrepieces

A touch of the Australian landscape can be added to your wedding decor by choosing something more unusual than the traditional floral centrepieces, such as terrariums filled with Australian succulents or vases filled with eucalyptus leaves and gum nuts. 

You are showcasing Australia’s diverse and beautiful flora using these one-of-a-kind centrepieces.

Regal Seating

A luxurious and stylish option for the bride and groom is a white gold bridal chair. A show-stopping centrepiece for your wedding, the chair’s ornate design and white and gold colour scheme add a touch of glitz and sophistication. 

During the reception, the bride and groom can sit in the chairs to create a regal and passionate ambience. Additionally, you can use the chair as a prop in wedding pictures, enhancing the overall design of your special day.

Australian-Themed Napkins

While napkins seem like a minor addition to your wedding decor, they have a significant impact. 

You can incorporate a bit of Australiana into your wedding table settings by choosing napkins with images of gum leaves or kangaroos. Your visitors cannot help but notice this attention to detail.

Whimsical Fun

A whimsical and enjoyable way to inject some colour into your wedding table decorations is with a 60cm blush pink balloon. The soft, romantic, blush pink hue makes your wedding reception fun. 

The balloons can make one-of-a-kind centrepieces, or you can scatter them around the space to create a festive and celebratory ambience. 

On your special day, you and your guests can capture priceless memories using the balloons as great photo props.

Stylish and Organised

A black marble tray set is an attractive option if you’re searching for a chic and helpful way to add a touch of elegance to your wedding decor. Any wedding theme or colour scheme will look lovely with these lovely trays’ sleek and contemporary appearance.

Thanks to the black marble material, your reception will have a luxurious feel, which also gives it an elegant, sophisticated appearance that your guests will adore. 

The tray’s polished and glistening surface is ideal for showcasing desserts, escort cards, or wedding favours. You can make a stunning, well-organised display with them that will surely wow your visitors.


It’s a great way to make your wedding reception memorable and chic to include distinctive and chic wedding table decorations. By including elements, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your decoration for a wedding table while also providing your guests with a functional and practical space.

You can make your wedding reception a breathtaking and unforgettable occasion with the help of Knick Knack Australia, which offers a variety of lovely and helpful wedding table decorations in Australia.

Whether you want a square or round table wedding decor, we have everything you need in their collection, from chic table runners to elegant centrepieces, to plan a wedding that embodies your tastes and style.